Secure Will Storage That You Can Trust

It isn’t just the writing of your will that you need to take care of, you also need to consider where it is stored. Your will is arguably the most important document that you will sign in your lifetime, therefore safe storage is imperative.

Here at Philips Legal Solutions, we take care of will storage in Lichfield, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and throughout the rest of the Midlands. Here your will is protected from fire, theft and other forms of damage.

We are proud to have a state-of-the-art document storage facility. All of our clients can rest assured that their documents are taken care of and protected in the best possible way. We will also provide reference cards for your executors and close family members so they will be aware of how to retrieve your will from storage when it is needed. When your will is required, it can quickly be retrieved and delivered securely to your executors– this way you can be certain that your will is always in safe hands.

Why choose us?

With years of experience in the legal industry we understand how important your will is. If you choose to use our will storage facilities, you can update it easily without an extra cost to yourself – keeping your important documents up-to-date has never been easier with the help of our team at Philips Legal Solutions.

We understand that life changes over the years; you may want to include more people in your will or revoke certain people. Reasons why you might want to change your will include:

  • Divorce
  • Change of name or address
  • An executor dies or cannot act
  • A chosen beneficiary dies
  • Grandchildren are born
  • You sell any bequeathed property
  • You have more children
  • You may simply wish to change your guardians, beneficiaries or executors

Contact Philips Legal Solutions for Reliable Will Storage in Lichfield

Should you wish to alter or revoke your will, simply consult us; then we can ensure that all required legal formalities are observed. Unlike solicitors and banks we will not charge you to alter your will. So if you require will storage in Lichfield, Birmingham, Wolverhampton or throughout the Midlands, contact Philips Legal Solutions today on 01543 624062 for more information.