Notary Public Services from Philips Legal Solutions

At Philips Legal Solutions, we provide expert notary public services to valued clients across the UK. These services are taken care of by a qualified lawyer who will act impartially and professionally; they are able to authenticate and certify the execution of required documents to be used inside or outside of the United Kingdom.

About Notary Public Services

Notary services cannot be provided by solicitors, as it is a separate element of English legal services. The practice includes authentication and verification of documents and facts, often for legal procedures abroad. Our professional team are able to provide you with all the advice that you need with regards to notary public.

Our services include:

  • The authentication of specific identities and signatures for both private and commercial documents.
  • We are able to take declarations, affidavits, and sworn statements for use overseas.
  • The execution and preparation of Powers of Attorney documents and many other documents for use in foreign countries.
  • We can prepare transfers of authenticated patents and trademarks.
  • We can witness and attest the signature of foreign wills.
  • Prepare specialist sponsorship forms that are required for visiting foreign citizens.
  • We certify copy documents such as academic information, passports and many other required certificates.
  • Should you need letters consenting to minors travelling abroad, we are able to authorise this.
  • Plus shipping, preparation, and noting of protest.
  • We can provide Bills of Exchange.

Contact Philips Legal for Trustworthy Notary Public Services

We understand that many of the documents noted above can be rather complex to understand, therefore we are more than happy to provide general advice should you need it. Please get in contact with our professional team by calling 01543 624 062 and book a consultation today.

A notary public must be trustworthy as they are to be relied on by an array of people including the client, government officials and third parties. The notary MUST protect against document inaccuracy, forgery, error, money laundering and, of course, fraud. At Philips Legal Solutions we are committed to providing all clients with outstanding notary public services. Many of our clients recommend us to family and friends thanks to our exceptional customer service.